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The Riding School is a full service equine educational program that is all about YOU our student! Your foundation, experience, success, future and enjoyment of "being with" horses. Everything that is involved with your development and happiness is our TOP priority and focus.

Our mission is to deliver to our students-TOP quality- leading edge- Education, a safe environment, solid foundation, positive feedback for reflection and new discoveries, inspiration, confidence, motivation and creativity! Our focus is our students highest and best growth! We wish for all of our students, that they receive everything that they want and dream about! We provide support every step along the way and cheer students on at every small victory! Our learning environment allows students to become their BEST FUTURE SELF.

The Riding school offers a diverse selection of groundwork training, sport riding and riding art. The program is designed for riders of all ages, levels and disciplines. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced competitive rider or somewhere in between! We offer the opportunity to discover a true connection with the horses and yourself. We will show you how to dissolve all the negative beliefs that are blocking you from finding your true self with the horses. We want YOU to find the truth of what it means to be with horses so you can have harmonious and joyful horse experiences for the rest of your life!

Because the Riding school is open 6 days a week, you can take lessons as frequently as you want to optimize your learning and reach your goals. The minimum frequency is 1 class per week.

Classes are held:

Monday - Friday from 3 to 8 PM

Saturday from 9 to 5 PM

Initial enrollment always starts with an introductory class. If you would like to schedule an introductory class please reach out through one of the methods listed on our contact page.

Leasing Options:

Select horses are available for lease. Lessons are included as part of the lease package and must be scheduled for set days and times. All package contracts are a minimum of a 30-day commitment.

Quarter Lease

  • 2 rides per week
  • 1 lesson per week included
  • No horse expenses

Half Lease

  • 3 rides per week
  • 1 lesson per week included
  • Half of horse expenses included (Vet, Farrier, Meds/Supplements)

Full Lease:

  • 5 rides per week
  • 2 lessons per week included
  • All horse expenses included (Vet, Farrier, Meds/Supplements)

Please inquire for more information about our current riding school and lease pricing.

Horse Riding Lessons NH

Our Offerings:

Shannon Trails Equestrian Facility ~ Riding School

Riding School

We offer a diverse selection of horsemanship training for riders of all levels and disciplines.

Shannon Trails Equestrian Facility ~ Training


Our programs offer a progressive learning environment for building a valuable foundation for a lifetime.

Shannon Trails Equestrian Facility ~ Boarding


Offering signature full-board options designed to accommodate most owners' needs.

Shannon Trails Equestrian Facility ~ Horse Drawn Rides

Horse-Drawn Rides

Offering horse-drawn rides on miles of private wooded carriage trails right on our farm, or on nearby country roads.

Horse-Drawn Rides

Step back in time! Come and enjoy a horse-drawn ride on our farm's miles of private wooded carriage trails or on nearby country roads.
Offering both wagon and sleigh rides, and an optional bon fire.

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